Hearing God through simple obedience

Pastor Stovall gave a good message a couple of weeks ago about hearing the voice of God. Lately, I’ve been finding myself in the situation where I keep praying for God to give me answers, but I don’t get any. ;)

What really struck a chord with me in the message was the phrase “simple obedience.”

It’s funny how you can spend weeks praying for direction and guidance in an area only to get nothing from God. Then you say to yourself you’re in a season of testing. You’re in the wilderness. It’s a dry season.

But really, it’s not a dry season. You can hear God just as clearly as the day you got saved.

When I heard the phrase “simple obedience,” I knew what needed to happen. No need for a burning bush. No need to call down fire from Heaven. God’s talking. You just have to tune into the right frequency.

Sometimes, that means just doing what you know God wants you to do.

Maybe now I’ll get some help on my initial prayers. ;)

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