Why I Hate Fasting

Every January for the past six years I’ve taken part in a 21 day fast. The idea is to set the spiritual tone for the rest of the year.

I’ve heard it said before, this can be your best year ever if it’s your best year spiritually.

But I hate it. I hate fasting.

I don’t deny it’s a great way to start off the year. Praying, fasting and seeking after God. What I hate about it is what it reveals about myself.

It always show show incredibly undisciplined I am (maybe that’s why “discipline” is one of my words for the year). How I’m consumed with hunger for food. How I’ll cave to temptation and cheat on my fast. How I’ll compromise and change the fast to make it “easier.” How it becomes less spiritual and more diet.

What I hate about it is how a season/time of denying the flesh and focusing on God becomes just the opposite.

A time of focusing on the weakness of the flesh.

So this year I’ve made a conscious effort to use that to my advantage. Whenever I feel the weakness creeping up, I use it as a reminder that weakness is where Christ wants me (2 Corinthians 12:9). That as my body hungers for Pittsburgh steaks, it should really hunger for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ.

And that is where I find myself. Craving all sorts of food, but being reminded that my hunger should truly be for Christ.

For all you fellow fasting peeps out there, what are some ways you keep disciplined and focused on the right things when you fast?

My 3 Words for 2012

Following the footsteps of Chris Brogan, I’ve come up with 3 words instead of resolutions for the new year.

Rather than resolutions which tend to focus on a specific areas, these words represent broader themes that will help me define my goals and experiences for 2012.

Here are my three words for the year.


This is a word that is completely opposite of my natural tendencies. I don’t explore. I don’t get outside my comfort zone.

But this year I want to get off the couch/Internet and explore the diverseness of life. Create new memories, experience new sights and entertain new hobbies.


Not too long ago I asked a handful of people some feedback questions. One question was “What could I improve?”

This was the common thread.

I honestly feel like there is so much more to you then you ever let out.

You have a lot to offer. Sometimes it seems like you hold back…

It’s all true. And I don’t know why. Why I tend to shrink back. Not rise to my potential. Why I hide from embracing leadership responsibilities.

So the word “rise” is a charge to rise to my potential. Be on the offensive. Attack rather than retreat. Embrace the fear.


There are a lot of things I’d like to do in 2012. Explore life, rise to my potential, write two ebooks, develop a useful web app, etc.

All that requires discipline. The discipline to start, follow-through and finish. The discipline to show up every day regardless of feeling or motivation.

How about you? What words will be driving themes for you in 2012?